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Diversity competence. Cultures don't meet, people do

Von Edwin Hoffmann, Arjan Verdooren

2018 | Coutinho
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Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 352
ISBN: 978-90-469-0598-2

Many people in today’s world work, learn and live in international and multicultural environments. Intercultural communication has hence become an important topic in many fields of work and study. Knowledge of cultures and cultural differences is however rarely sufficient in the current globalizing and complex world.

In this book, interpersonal communication forms the point of departure: the meeting of people, not of cultures. From there onwards, the authors describe what diversity competence entails: which processes, challenges and skills are relevant in a ‘superdiverse’ world. The TOPOI model consequently offers an inclusive, communicative approach to analyze and address potential miscommunication.

The book discusses relevant theory from several fields as well as many practical examples and guidelines. This book also has a companion website. Available on this website are: extra study assignments, extra case discussions and TOPOI cards.

This book aims at students, educators and professionals in the fields of communication and media, business, management and leadership, governance, organization, HR, and international relations and cooperation.